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Our ultimate goal  is to provide all our clients with the highest quality limousine service you will find, the most professional limousine chauffeurs and the latest limousine models.


Remember Limousines are not just for airport trips, weddings and proms anymore. Empire Livery has introduced affordable rates for every possible occasion, from a business function to a night on the town. We are proud to offer you a top class limousine service for any occasion, at a  rate you can afford.

Don't forget to check out the fleet. We have had a lot of requests for our party Pink Limo so book early. We are based in Stamford and can offer you a service that will be completely tailored for you or your company. All you need to do is email us, tell us your requirements and it will be taken care of everything else, it really is that simple!

It doesnít matter what the occasion is, whether itís highly formal business event or something more relaxed and carefree, whether itís an adrenaline fuelled party or an elegant and stylish celebration. Whatever your transportation requirements, we have it for you at Empire Livery Limousines.

We really do believe we offer a service
 equals if not surpasses any company you will find, and the only way for us to truly convince you of this is for you to let us provide the limousine service for your next trip or next big event. If you are not happy with our service we will refund your complete payment.

We have satisfied customers across the Tri-State area and once you have experienced the service of Empire Livery, literally nothing else will do!

Call us on 855-946-5588 or click on the link for an INSTANT QUOTE today!



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